Primary Practice is a curatorial space based in Seoul. It is established to capture today’s art in an expanded context with contemporary curatorial practice. ‘Practice’ means exploring the attitude of the artist in depth, which is the genesis and origin of the work, rather than the representational level of work. And to examine the relationship between attitude, meaning and form within contemporary conditions is the ‘primary’ value of this space. On the other hand, ‘P P’, an abbreviation for the name of space, Primary Practice, sounds like children’s excretion ‘pipi’ :) This means that Primary Practice advocates the artistic practice and thoughts as excretion valorously revealing the points that today’s system overlook or cannot contain.

Primary Practice begins with the artist who is the main body of art practice. In this sense, the space values the dialogues between artists, curators, critics, designers and even more. And it raises questions against the reality of the system that operates the art ecosystem, and recognizes the peripheries and marginals that deviate from the trend and center as important values. These are constitutes the backdrop for all projects happening in the space. In other words, Primary Practice expects dialogues with questions as the territory where individuals intersect, is willing to welcome the consensus and conflict arising from the process. We ultimately want to be a temporary, but long-lasting time and space to diagnose present condition and status of us via contemporary art.