BYUN Sang-hwan

BYUN Sang-hwan observes and deals with objects. The view he takes is sleekly flowing on outer walls and roof of apartments, such as the master of martial arts soaring up in the sky, and coming across zoom-in and out of camera like a detailed records of geological stratum by an anthropologist. Through this, he searches for eccentric phenomena in the packed and dense city. Those who are living the same decade in a measure are not included in the certain present of past. He tries to direct the history and meanings on the backside of these flat landscapes into diverse and ambient dimensional structure. His research is also on the terms of various forms of art itself, such as material, weight, space, and body on sculpture, canvas and paint on painting, process and plural output on printmaking. The question of the research has its purpose on occupying the middle among different forms rather than categorized as a specific form of art.

C’s table, onion, plaster, onion casting, 8 x 120 x 33.5 cm, 2018
installation view of The hand is quicker than the eye (2022, SPACE SO, Seoul)
Live Rust_Magneto anti-corrosion, paint on paper, section steel, dimensions variable (each 100 x 70 cm), 2020
Live Rust anti-corrosion, paint on paper, section steel, 70 x 100 cm, 2019

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